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Kanu Sankara

A Life of Peace

Peace is a state of tranquillity without the threat of hostilities. We all long to live and raise our families in such an environment. But is perpetual peace a guarantee? You may not always have the choice to live in an external environment that is always peaceful. But you can choose inner peace at any point in time. 

Regardless of how destructive, every hurricane has an eye at its center. And within this space is a place of calm and peace. So it is essential that your find the eye of the storm of your life. Then, by returning every day to this place, you can live a life of peace.

Be at peace with yourself.
You are the most critical person that requires your peace. Being at peace with who you are is more important than your relationship with others. It is so because you spend more time with yourself than those around you. And if you cannot find that inner peace, you will ultimately be at war with yourself. 

Therefore, the first step to being at peace with who you are is accepting responsibility for your life. Taking responsibility for your life is empowering. It means owning who you are regardless of the situation you find yourself. It may not be easy, but it is undoubtedly the approach you must take on the path to personal peace.               

Choose Peace
You always retain the choice to choose peace regardless of the circumstances around you. Holocaust survivor and author Viktor Frankl is someone who embodied this perspective. He was a prisoner in various death camps, and he witnessed thousands tortured and murdered by the Nazis. Unfortunately, his family also did not escape this fate. 

Viktor Frankl maintained his peace despite the tragic circumstances. This peace was a shield and light for him throughout one of humanity's darkest periods. Therefore, regardless of what is happening externally, you can choose to remain at peace internally. All it takes is making that decision to be peaceful and committing to it as you face your trials.  

Your Environment
Our environment significantly influences us, whether we admit it or not. Just as the earth impacts a seed and the plant it will grow into, so does our environment affects us. It will be naive of us to think differently. But we are different from the seed in that we can do something about our situation. 

If we operate in a toxic environment that strips us of our peace, we can choose to remove ourselves. This toxic environment can be your current job, community, or family. You probably think that it is easier said than done. It may be accurate, but that should never stop you from trying until your environment is conducive to your peace. Life will eventually give way if you refuse to give up despite the obstacles in your path.

The Peace War Produces
An ancient Latin quote states that he who desires peace must first prepare for war. This aphorism may be contradictory and unacceptable to some, but I propose that it is necessary. For example, taking responsibility for your life goes against your comfort zone. Deciding to change your circumstances requires going to war against the oppressive elements of your environment. 

A hard-fought peace produces a sense of accomplishment and confidence. And once you have attained peace, you must be prepared to protect it at all costs. The vigilante soldier is ready to go to war to defend their peace. So ironically as it may seem, there can be no peace without war.

Serenity in Nature
Nature has a therapeutic effect on your soul. Both its silence and its noise brings you an unfathomable peace. My two favorite aspect of nature is the silence of the forest and the soothing nature of the sea. Both environments produce a blissful serenity. Here, I discovered that I must lose myself in nature to find myself. 

The American author and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his book Walden, expresses the peace he discovered while living in solitude for two years in a cabin in the forest. He developed a clarity of thought unlike any he had experienced before. You, too, can use any aspect of nature to bring about your serenity. Nature will allow you to connect deeply to life.

Live in Peace
It seems that our souls yearn for peace. Yet, even as we often get caught up in the whirlwind of life, the drumbeat of peace never dies. It remains there, trying to catch our attention before it finally envelops us with or without our consent. Therefore, we must seek to find peace in ourselves and our environment. And prepare to go to war to protect this peace. 

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