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Dealing with Physical Ailments

Physical ailments can be the source of a person's limitations. This is especially the case for someone who once had full use of all their motor skills. For example, losing a limb can have a devastating effect on an individual. Think about how difficult it would be for you to lose your ability to perform regular bodily functions.

A person who was born with physical ailments is not excluded. They may have learned to live with
it, but life can still be tough. If you are suffering from a physical ailment or know
someone who is, I hope this message will inspire you or them to live deeply despite the condition.

You are not disadvantaged.
You must never see yourself as disadvantaged regardless of society's label on you. To
be disadvantaged is to accept that you are in an unfavorable position that reduces your chances of
success. Accepting such an opinion is detrimental to your well-being.

That is because whatever you accept, both your mind and body embrace. And when this occurs, the difficulty in overcoming your situation multiples. So never accept that you are a disadvantaged person. You are simply different. By changing this narrative, you are beginning the process of self-empowerment.

There is power in being different.
There is nothing to lose in being physically different. But there is everything to gain. Being different
gives you a power that is absent when you are the same as everyone else. It means that you can tap
into elements that are not immediately available to others.

Take, for example, the person who was born without arms. Yet, they can use their feet with a level of capability that the average person may think impossible. Your difference can be a source of unimaginable power once you tap into it.

Embrace your power
Since being different gives you power, it will be wise to embrace it. So many opportunities will open up to you when you explore your gifts. Zion Clark is someone who embraces his power. Born without legs, he did allow this to prevent him from staking his claim in the world.

Instead, he became a professional wrestler and set the World Record for the fastest 20 meters on his hands. He is someone who embraces his power despite his physical difference. You, too, can embrace your power and write your own story like so many others have done.

Spirit accepts no limit.
The spirit that resides in all of us knows no limits. Even when our bodies are afflicted with infirmities,
they pose no obstacle to our spirit. For example, Stephen Hawking, the now-deceased physicist, was paralyzed for a significant part of his life. However, he did not allow this to stop him but propelled him to discover several breakthroughs in Physics.

Mt Everest is the highest mountain globally and arguably one of the most difficult to climb. However, several persons with physical ailments have successfully reached the mountain's summit. These examples illustrate that once you ignite the fire in your spirit, there is no physical ailment that can prevent you from reaching your goals.

Be an inspiration
The moment you decide to overcome your physical limitation, you take that first step to becoming an inspiration to others. Those with the full range of bodily motions are always amazed to see the feats that others with ailments accomplish. We feel embarrassed to know that we are not taking full advantage of all we were given. As a result, many often feel inspired to do more with their lives.

But even more important is the inspiration that others with similar or other physical limitations receive. They will now be certain that they, too, can follow their dreams regardless of their circumstances. So not only will you direct your life, but you will be inspiring many others to follow your example.

Your physical ailment must never be seen as a limitation to living the life you desire. Instead, it would be best to use it as a bridge to your dream. Your spirit has no limitation except when you accept limitations. So embrace the power that makes you different and step out and be an inspiration for all
the world.

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