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Kanu Sankara

A leap of faith

We will all come to the edge of what we already know at some point in our lives. This edge is going to present us with a dilemma. Do we step back into the arms of safety and certainty or plunge over that edge? This is a challenging question, and the answer is no less straightforward. 

Many have come to this metaphoric edge and remained standing there indecisively. As scary as it may be, a leap of faith is what you require. If you are standing on that edge, I invite you to continue reading.

Contemplating a new future
We are all meant to grow to our fullest potential. Along the way, we set goals and work towards achieving them. When we accomplish these goals, we may desire to pursue others. At this point, we can settle with our achievement or look to another horizon. 

Contemplating a new future is natural to us. No rule or law says we should settle where we are. On the contrary, thoughts of a new future produce excitement and breathe hope and possibilities into our lives.

Dealing with fear
Leaving the comfort of your present reality to go off into an unknown future will strike fear in your heart. What if I am making a huge mistake? What if I fail? What if I lose everything I worked to achieve? These are all genuine concerns that you must address. 

But what if you succeed? What if your soar? What if you exceed expectations? You have to be realistic about your fears but plan and execute against them. If you run in the opposite direction of your fears, they will loom larger. But if you face them, you will learn to conquer them.

The naysayers  
There are always going to be naysayers in our lives. They are those who do not believe in themselves and wish to inject you with their doubts. They merely project their inadequacies on those who want to express their potential. Such individuals are usually very influential and manipulative. They can be relatives, friends, classmates, or co-workers. 

It is best to avoid these individuals at all costs. And if avoidance is impossible, then close your mind to their poison. Avoid getting into arguments about your dreams for the future. And if all else fails, remind yourself daily that you are worthy of what you are seeking.

Letting go of the safety
Conversely, the scariest and most exhilarating part of taking a leap of faith is the leap. You can hear your heart pounding with fear and excitement as your brain tries to recalibrate itself. Letting go of safety takes your breath away. Yet, it is an act of dying that serves to awaken you to living. If you never let go, you will never grow to fill the potential within you. 

Leaving safety behind is a defiant act that scares others. But in so doing, you are making a life-changing decision to take fate into your hands. You are rebelling against the conformity that is prevalent in today’s society.

Your path to soaring is going to be far from smooth. If you came with such expectations, it would be best to dispel them. No one will experience a totally smooth transition upon taking a leap of faith. You are going to crash at some point in time. But do not leap expecting to crash, as we often get what we expect. 

Instead, you should anticipate an oncoming crash and prepare for it. Such a crash can be a failure, rejection, or withdrawal of support. Never allow these to deter your progress but know that they are part of the process. Keeping an open mind and being flexible is the best antidote to a crash.

Growing wings
It may take years, or it can happen in months, but you will undoubtedly grow wings upon taking a leap of faith. Your wings will appear once you keep trying. It is like a bird learning to fly. It will crash to the earth many times, but its wings are getting stronger. One day that bird will soar to unbelievable heights. 

Such will be your story when you believe that it is possible. Your wings are waiting to be stimulated by your leap as this is the only way they will begin to grow. It is the effort to fly that gives birth to your wings. So take that leap, and may your wings take you to your dreams.

A leap of faith is what we must take. If we do so, our lives will change beyond our imagination. Such a decision will take you along an unexpected journey where you will grow exponentially. So let your new future pull you beyond your fears and the doubts of naysayers until you let go of safety and grow wings. Life chose you, so live it without limits.


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