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Kanu Sankara

Power to Empower

Every day we are writing a new page in a chapter of the book of our life. In this book are stories of triumph and defeat. And out of these experiences comes a life-changing force. It is the power to empower. This power resides in you and is always seeking an avenue for expression. 

If you have overcome any difficult period or moment in your life, you are ripe for empowerment. And with the ability to empower also comes the ability to influence. So here is the blueprint for discovering and utilizing this latent power in you. 

Trial by Fire
Life often takes us along unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes we crash and burn. A trial by fire is usually the result of a catastrophic event in our lives. But out of such experiences comes the valuable lessons of life. The cliché that there is no testimony without a test could not be more accurate.
Escaping the fire or giving up comes to mind when engulfed in flames. But you must never believe in those thoughts of doubts. Instead, it would be best if you battled through the flames because it is the fire that qualifies you to become an agent of empowerment.

The Lessons
The next step to becoming an agent of empowerment is becoming aware of the lessons you learn. For example, we often have experiences of overcoming trials by fire, but we never seem to put them into perspective. Unfortunately, that is usually the case because all we want is to get out of the situation and never return to that place mentally or physically. 

This is unfortunate because within these experiences is a wealth of knowledge that can empower others. It would be wise to revisit these experiences and note their lessons. If this is too difficult to do alone, do it with someone you trust or a professional. You may be genuinely amazed by the lessons hidden in plain sight.

Personal Empowerment
You cannot give to others what you do not already possess. So before you can empower others, seek to empower yourself first. Personal empowerment takes place when you take responsibility for your story. Such responsibility may mean not seeing yourself as a victim in your story. It is necessary to take the lessons of courage and survival as sources of empowerment. 

You can rewrite your story with you as the hero even if you do not see yourself as a hero today. Rewriting your story does not mean that you are lying to yourself. Instead, it means minimizing the negatives and emphasizing the positives. When you do so, you are empowering the person who needs it the most, and that is you.

Empower Others
The lessons of empowerment that you learned along the way must not remain with you. You leave the world poorer if you do not attempt to empower others. Your story of struggle and overcoming can be the story that the little boy or girl needs to hear to survive a difficult situation. Your story can be the difference between life and death for that person contemplating taking their life. Or it can be the encouragement that a mother needs to hear to leave that abusive relationship.
Empowerment is one of the best gifts you can give to someone who needs it the most. So therefore, never take your story for granted but seek to empower those around you. You may never know the generations you can save by empowering those who cross your path.

We sometimes underestimate the power of empowerment. Each of us can change our lives radically by rewriting our stories. The act of rewriting allows us to take responsibility for our stories, which is empowering. However, the story does not end there. We must also seek to empower others. By doing so, we create a pattern of empowerment that will continue long after we are gone. Therefore, I implore you to seek to empower others today as our world is greatly in need of people like you. 



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