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Kanu Sankara

What matters most

Have you ever thought of what matters most to you? Unfortunately, many of us have never given this important topic much consideration. Yet, what matters most often plays a pivotal role in our lives.

It is a powerful force that often directs us even without our knowledge. A power that we can bring under our conscious control and direct as we so desire. Therefore, we must become aware of what drives this force. Here are five factors that often matter the most in life.

For most of us, the family was the gateway to the world. Our family is often the source of our identity. So it is no wonder that family ranks so high on the things that matter the most. And for some of us, the family may be a community of unrelated individuals.

When family matters, we will do whatever it takes to protect them, even putting our lives at risk. Our devotion to family opens us up and allows us to go beyond ourselves. We can transfer this devotion to other areas of life, such as the community or an organization.  Family can be the foundation of our impact on the world.

Significance can come from any aspect of our life. It is usually that factor that gives us a feeling of our self-worth. Your significance can come from your job title, the position you occupy in the community or the unique way you create a family dish. 

It is important to relate what makes you significant to something that can positively impact others. For example, a boss who feels significant because of their title should take the opportunity to treat the employees with respect. In this way, the boss feels worthy while the employees feel valued.

Love plays a significant role in our lives. For this reason, many see it as the only thing that matters in life. Love often brings out the best in us when we are in the worst of circumstances. It even has the power to turn an enemy into a friend. 

Many are willing to risk it all, including their lives, for a chance at love. We find freedom and a sense of empowerment in love that encourages us to pursue our dreams. Love will take you on a journey of self-exploration and self-expression. 

Princess Diana was someone who spent years of her life helping the less fortunate. However, the opportunity to serve others is there for all of us. Teachers, medical practitioners, and military members often dedicate their lives to the service of others. 

Does serving matter to you? If this is the case, you will be assisting in making life better for others. But, there is also another significant benefit that you can derive. In providing service to others, you will find fulfillment in your life.

God often holds the most significant position in the lives of many persons. Where does God stand in your life? Regardless of the name we ascribe, almost every culture held reverence for a supreme being dating back to ancient times. And we attempt to appease this being by performing acts of goodwill in our daily lives. 

God has and continues to be the focal point of most of humanity. The belief that there is something greater than but inherent to the individual contributes to our striving for greatness. When God truly matters the most, there are no limits to what you can achieve. It is a strong belief in God that has propelled many to the pinnacle of their field.

It Matters
What matters to you may not matter to someone else. But it is the most crucial aspect of your existence. By becoming aware of this, you develop a sense of certainty. Such certainty is often connected to your purpose in life. So you must seek to determine what matters the most to you, as it will help bring about clarity in your life.


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